Monday, 2 September 2013

Almost Vertical Planting in Sevenoaks - Green wall Installation with Roof Terrace

Greencube designed a garden in Sevenoaks back in February 2013 for a very difficult site with a hillside rising 7 metres from the base of the house.

This house was a new build and our clients inherited a lawn on a steep almost vertical bank that could not be mown without risking injury!

The rear of the garden rises from the upstairs windows for a further 3 metres with a rooftop garden/courtyard. We have designed geometric deck platforms, creating a raised boardwalk, across the difficult terrain.  We took our inspiration from Patrick Blanc's vertical living artwork and the Thames Barrier Park with its near vertical lonicera greenwalls. Our clients have described this garden as their  'mini eden project'.

We have delivered a wonderful green wall that is low maintenance and a wonderful outlook.

The planting consists of 6 species all ground hugging and chosen for their textural contrasts, fast growing to lock the bank together to create a living wall, a tapestry of interwoven swathes. All 2500 plants were planted back in April.

I returned last Friday to catch up with our client and take some photos, its knitting together really well:

Garden Designed by greencube

Garden constructed by Creative Landscapes

Posted in April 2013

Greencube loves a challenge

We have been working closely with Creative Landscapes on this project, greencube have designed a layout for this garden that quite frankly you ought to be a 'billy goat' to get to the top. Sevenoaks gardens are often challenging due to the interesting topography.......  we have cut into hillsides, retained with gabions , have designed block built walls with rendered finishes and now we are completing the almost impossible.

Never shy of a challenge, we have taken inspiration from Patrick Blanc's vertical living artwork and also  Thames Barrier Park with the near vertical Lonicera greenwalls. Here we have created a planted bank that will, I know look amazing! Maintenance friendly and a 'living art' installation.

Over 2300 plants were delivered on Tuesday of this week and the guys have worked their socks off on a difficult terrain to get this planted. This bank is almost level with eaves of the house. So we had to take the plants up a flight of stairs before even starting the planting..

First we started with plant moodboard and inspiration:

Then the planting plan was drawn up:

Plants delivered and plants laid out to the planting design. I'll post some photos on completion and when its all knitted together.

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