Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Back to Hadlow College

I was invited by lecturer Brian Hawtin to visit college last Friday, the year 2 garden design students have been set the task, as part of their construction and planting unit to build our winning show garden in the grounds of Broadview gardens for the public and college to view, how exciting!

I must say they have given it a prime position and the students all seem incredibly keen. We discussed the site, its aspect and the larger plot over and above the 5 x 7 metres at Hampton Court which will enable us to extend the garden out to the linking paths.

I talked to two of the students who are working up the extended planting palette and we agreed on Espalier Apples on tension wires, Cobnuts and a Mulberry tree with big bold swathes of ornamental grasses with Heleniums, Rudbeckia, Achilleas, lots of bulbs, more apple stepovers and obviously keeping within the spectrum of the red orange and yellow. The college are also taking the trouble to position our prized and precious Lemon tree positioning it in the garden during warmer months and replacing it with a pear tree during colder months. I shall report on progress, be good to see it all back together, If Alex (head gardener) catches me weeding it on a sunday afternoon that would be funny!!!!!


  1. i can just imagin you now- midnight weeding!! it will be great to see it again - how exciting!

  2. yes, it would be lovely to see the garden again, with a new twist.

    Sue W x

  3. That is very exciting I can't wait to see it in a few months time when we are there again.
    The new additions sound fun :)