Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tunbridge WElls Garden Almost Complete

I have been working on this garden since January 2010 initially with design and have just completed the planting which was broken down into 4 phases, Orchard back in February 2011, followed by a 3 phase approach from April to June on the many borders. We will return in the Autumn to plant 1000's of bulbs. A big thank you to all my helpers with the planting,  including Alick, Susan, Sue, Ernie and Abbie

Firepit Zone 
Yorkstone Retaining walls capped with sandstone

Division of space 

Less formal steps down to meadow and orchard with Erigeron and Osteospernum

Anthemis in the prairie planting with clipped Hornbeam adding structure

Functional lighting within the wall

Salvia and Achillea in the prairie border

Functional seating around firepit

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