Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Skanor and Falsterbo

Greencube office has been incredibly busy throughout the spring and summer and so a break to Sweden to freshen the mind, relax and revitalise was on the 'TO DO' list. To be successfully creative in my role as a garden designer I'm best when relaxed and organised without too many constraints and pressures.

Our chosen location of Skanor and Falsterbo which can be reached from Copenhagen airport a short journey on the train across the water from Denmark into Malmo (Sweden) and short bus journey to our chosen boutique hotel/cafe. Wonderful scenery, peaceful, fresh and slow paced...... Bikes were hired for the duration to discover the numerous network of paths and off we went to learn about this wonderful coastal peninsula at the southern tip of Sweden where the birds flock on their migratory paths. Inspiring landscapes, wind swept and coastal. I particularly enjoyed photographing the numerous beech huts amongst Rosa rugosa or Marram grass.

Now back in the office feeling refreshed, inspired and revitalised and ready for the next design project.

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