Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Difficult Sloping Gardens

We seem incredibly busy designing gardens on difficult slopes at the moment, for example we have just delivered a design for a garden with an 8 metre climb in Sevenoaks and another garden in Leigh with a 3 metre climb. Both of these gardens currently are swallowed up by the steep bank and the feeling of the home being engulfed by the hillside, currently quite oppressive!

Always interested in textures, contrast and materials that work with its surroundings are all high on the agenda, I have recommended light reflective walls and paving to ensure the space feels lighter and brighter. Gabions have been favoured in the Sevenoaks Garden with a deck that sits midway breaking up the steep climb, although our choice of stone filling has yet to be made. Sets of steps and landings with viewpoints and places to sit and rest have also been included. Glass ballustrades to keep the views open are included.

Greencube embraces these difficult gardens as we find them challenging and interesting to work on and on a personal level I really like gardens that are on different levels, changing the topography (cutting and filling) with interlocking terraces all with bold planting always look fab! We are working with 7Oaks Landscapes on this one and look forward to seeing it built.

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