Saturday, 25 February 2012

Greencube gardens published in two magazines this month

It's always a huge compliment when I see our gardens published in magazines, sharing our hard work, inspiration and ideas with the world. We have seen my Hampton Court, Gold medal winning Garden of 2010 published in a magazine in the Netherlands this month. This is the forth time I've seen my garden featured in a dutch magazine or book. They kindly sent me a copy. The magazine is called Groei & Bloei, which translates to 'Growth and Bloom' and they featured a 4 page article about the garden. Here are the scans of the magazine.

dutch magazine website:

and our website media page:

I've also been contacted by Hadlow College this week who sponsored the Hampton Court Garden as they are about to re-build it at Hadlow, Broadview Gardens and needed some information. I'll have to take a sneaky peak once they start progressing, be great to see it built again.

Our lovely Ide Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent garden featured in the Society of Garden Designers journal this month also.  Featuring the waterblade cascading into the pebbles. 
media page on greencube website

This is one of my favourite gardens and I'm revisiting in the spring to take some shots of the Tulips.

Here's a few more photos taken in the summer of last year.

I chose Persicaria amplex 'Taurus' as the this border was at the lowest point of the garden with a high water table, as you can see the plant loves it. Flowers all summer.

The cantilevered oak bench worked well in the curvy ragstone wall.

The ragstone detail is repeated in the floor plane as well as in the wall, this ties in with the 100 year old barn that has been built with ragstone. The paving is Oken sandstone supplied by Rock Unique.

Acanthus spinosis is planted in bold swathes along the top more free draining border.

The rag panels divide the zones and the large box balls create structure.

The curvy wall with cantilevered oak seat is a great place to sit and rest.

The deck area is surrounded by a ragstone wall creating a cosy nook for my clients to enjoy.

The kent oast house sets the scene for this wonderful rural location.

and at night it looks amazing, its always worth investing in some great lighting to extend the use of the garden.

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