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Greencube presents Uber Cool Garden in Tunbridge Wells

Our new garden completed in Tunbridge Wells has most definitely been awarded the 'uber cool badge' with its dynamic use of space, sweeping arc layout, cantilevered oak bench, division of zones by deck boards flush with paving, granite paving and coping, strip flame fire, tropical mix of lilies, palms, pittosporums and the best lighting I've ever seen!

I spent last night at my clients with the landscape contractor Colin from Creative Landscapes whose team have been working hard on this garden throughout the winter months and lighting Engineer Peter from Greenleaf Lighting. Welcomed with a glass of wine which I sipped slowly shuffling around the garden with camera and tripod at hand taking many photo's, I've selected the best to show.

Greencube's concept behind this design was to create an outdoor living room, pull up the armchairs, light the fire and enjoy being outdoors, this high specification property required a matching garden and we are proud of all involved in the finished article. A garden of many rooms/zones, creating a wonderful social space for all to enjoy. I hope our clients enjoy this garden for many years.


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