Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Busy August, is it time to take a rain check?

Greencube's workload:

Normally August is quiet and the pace of new enquiries slow down and its a great time to catch up and get on top of things. But we are still receiving new garden design enquiries and being inundated with new work. I'm definitely not grumbling but enjoying the pace and its great having Harriet on board to help out which has improved turnaround times for our clients.

We are working on some very interesting projects currently in Essex and Kent, including a garden with a 10 metre climb from front to back and a lovely contemporary garden in Chelsfield.

What's looking good in greencube's garden?

Well a riot of Crocosmia and Echinacea, now my husband would say that the composition doesn't work in this photograph but I love it. It reminds me of a dress in my wardrobe that I'm not brave enough to wear. A riot of colour!!!

Cynara looks great a huge flower has appeared and more on the way, this is a big plant and requires a big space.

What's most pleasing is my harvest of onions and garlics, ready for chilli's, bolognaise, lasagne, stews, stir fry's and anything else I can use them in.
Home grown produce is the best!

So I've now sown some swiss chard for a bit of fun and even the seedlings have red shoots. They look great in ornamental garden, I'm going to eat them small in salads and bigger in stir fry's.

My espalier apple looks poorly and I havn't had one ripe fig off the fig tree yet, very late..... A really bad year for apples, cold winds in the spring, rain throughout the flowering season, lack of bees pollinating, all makes for a sad crop.

But my red lettuce has kept us going all summer from May onwards, I havn't bought a single bag from the supermarket, this is the second crop including pak choi and red lettuce and a mixed seed of cut and come again all grown in raised oak planters with gravel to keep most of the snails and slugs away!!!!

The chillies are growing nicely in the greenhouse, the tomatoes are slow... but the courgettes are finally getting going after a very sad June/July and my pumpkin plant which was a gift from one of my clients is flowering nicely.

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