Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A little garden I designed back in 2006 for the Chelsea Flower Show is in the Gardeners World Book - 101 Ideas For Small Gardens


This was before the popularity swept across the Uk and Europe led by Patrick Blanc and his vertical planting and now of course there are so many companies providing vertical wall installations.

But back in 2006 they were not on the market and so 
I had the vertical steel trays made by a local forge to my specification, I filled them with compost mixed with vermiculite and I planted the succulents 8 weeks before the Chelsea Flower Show. They rooted in and were able to be installed into our gold medal winning garden. 

They were my 'living art panels' made up with a mixture of Sempervivums of different varieties supplied by Kernock Plants, it took me 3 days to plant up and were laid horizontally for 7 weeks until I was happy they had rooted in.  They required very little watering as sempervivums can live on a teaspoon of water.

Its great to see the image and comment in the book.

Here's a few photos of the living art panels

With the lovely pink Pimpernella 

and even the step risers were sempervivums

and of course we were visited by Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift who did a TV clip for the BBC from the garden.

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