Sunday, 14 April 2013

greencube working on a landart project in Hadlow, Kent

We have designed a garden around a very special modern new build in Hadlow. The house is clad in western red cedar and white render, with dark grey windows.

This is the second garden for our clients (who keep moving!).

We are now working with Chris and Karl (landscapers) on this 1/2 acre plot in Hadlow, Kent.

19 trees were delivered, root ball trees, which we hand picked from the nurseries fields and had delivered. Beautifully manouevered onto the dumper! by Chris and Karl, always with a smile.... and our favourite delivery driver from Palmstead.

Varieties chosen:

Carpinus betulus fastigiata

Betula pendula fastigiata

The landscapers have now sculpted a landform around part of the lawn area to the front garden, following the design layout and 3d image we presented, to create a bit of 'land art'. This has been settling for 6 weeks now and we will be pinning meadow turf to the landform by the end of April.


We also had Jodie working with us for a week on work experience. Jodie worked through all sorts including, photoshop, sketchup modelling, drafting a design, planting a cottage border, picking plants at a nursery and pretending to drive the mini digger! We really enjoyed her company and her commitment to the work, good luck Jodie in whatever your chosen career might be, we know you'll be successful.

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