Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Designing a garden for a difficult site

A garden is only as good as its custodian. As much as we as designers put together our plans, proposals, perspectives, moodboards and material selections. A garden needs constant care, weeding, feeding, deadheading, nurturing as well as enjoyment and pleasure.

Our clients in Leigh, Kent have embraced their new garden with gusto.

This garden has an existing Church wall to its boundary and a new block retaining wall, the garden has a repetition of green oak,
1. used to form steps through a planted border,
2. to create height and structure against the rendered wall,
3. for raised salad and vegetable planters
4. posts for the tension wire barrier.

The changes in level on this site are significant, the lawn is over 2 metres above the terrace.

Rendered retaining wall and limestone paving

The helenium's looking amazing

Raised oak planter full of carrots, chard, herbs and companion plants  - marigolds that give off strong odour repelling the green and black fly, their new greenhouse in the background.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden constructed by Langdale Landscapes

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