Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pretty in PInk....

Our clients wanted an easy maintenance garden with some raised beds and built in seating. The design incorporates a wonderful curvy bench set within a gravel garden, with a low key water blade feature. The garden has a main terrace up by the house, surrounded by a curvy raised planter and another bench by a raised herb and salad growing bed. The garden is set out into three zones, interlocked by a limestone path with brick detail.

There is a series of linear box hedges that cut through the curvy layout, creating structure, form
and directional energy.

Our client dyed the cushions to perfectly match the Geranium and Rose

The brick is subtle buff colour tying in nicely with the house and the paving is a Limestone from suppliers Rock Unique.

We added softwood linear trellis and wooden arch painted in a subtle sage colour that works well with the creamy tones in the paving and brick.
The lawn has brick edging to reduce further maintenance, creating a mowing edge.

The palette of plants include lots of Hydrangeas - paniculata variety as well as arborescens (almost flowering at time of visit).
Other trees and plants include:
Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata', Nepeta, Allium nigrum, Diascia, Geranium 'Patricia', Osteopernum and Erigeron. There are quite a few Miscanthus grasses and an Escallonia hedge which is just about to flower. We have added some spring and autumn colour with shrubs and bulbs, a flowering Magnolia and a flowering Amelanchier. Shrubs include Ceonothus, Eounymus alatus, Ilex crenata, Buxus sempervirens, Cornus.

The garden bench has a lift up seat to store cushions and garden tools.

We use lots of filler plants including Diascia, Geranium and Erigeron, knitting the main plants together and suppressing the weeds.

The paving is framed by brick step and risers forming the 3 level changes. The garden was originally sloping down to the rear boundary.

Garden designed and planted by greencube, garden constructed by creative landscapes

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