Saturday, 5 October 2013

It' s the planting season!

We've been out planting in the last few weeks, phase 1 of a large garden in Sevenoaks, Kent. Designed and planted by greencube, constructed by Oakleigh Manor.

We have 6 more gardens to plant. I'll go back in the spring and summer next year to get some photos, but here are a few shots at the end of our hard work, once we had washed down and put all the empty pots in 'URB' our little mini clubvan.

Garden features Oken sandstone with some granite details in the terracing. This is the last of the Oken sandstone, which we have detailed in 3 gardens, now not available, the quarry has closed, shame as its like no other sandstone, dense, strong and doesn't soak up the rain like other sandstones. Rock Unique - You'll have to find something else!

We are back in the week to plant the bulbs and will start the second phase of planting in a couple of weeks time which includes a shrub/ woodland border and potager with espalier fruit trees.

Oakleigh have done a great job on the oak seats with lift up tops for storage, 


This week we were working in a garden in Chelsfield. A new build property with white render and grey windows. Very modern space. Garden designed and planted by greencube,
construction by Langdale Landscapes.

This garden has some gorgeous, textural Quartzite Paving from CED called Oppdal Quartzite Riven paving, it glistens in the sunshine. We have mixed this with our favourite eco decking from Millboard.
The garden includes a strip flame, gas fire, which is viewed from the house as well as five focal point water blades.

Unfortunately the wrong pebbles have been placed under water feature, we specified flat grey ones from CED, which will work better with Quartzite. Easy to fix!

We've planted blocks of 9 Ilex crenata 'Blondie' clipped balls in the borders amongst the shrubs, perennials and Acer griseum trees.

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