Friday, 20 December 2013

NEWS - christmas comes early... Sparrow Hotel completed before deadline of Christmas Day!

So here it is my treasured sparrow flats, this has got to be the most original and unique christmas present I have ever received, now proudly positioned on the north/westerly wall of our house. My triangular designed sparrow flats ( great tit's also welcome) , with 10 nesting boxes integrated within, you could call it the sparrow hotel. I'm waiting with anticipation for the birds to move right on in. All colour co-ordinated to tie in with our windows and doors. HOW SPECTACULAR.

A big thank you to DAD Buckland (my father-in-law) who lovingly built this for me with great attention to detail and execution of my original brief. ha ha.

It was delivered along with a tawny owl nesting box which has been positioned in our oak tree, we often hear the Tawny owl calling and we are hoping it likes its new home!

So along with the nectar rich meadow that we carefully sowed last spring and was full of bees and butterflies this summer and my bug hotel wall,

Our meadow this summer 2013
Our Bug wall

I'm doing my bit for the local wildlife. I haven't told 'Dad' Buckland yet but we've been designing some hedgehog homes too! To keep the predators out, such as badgers, foxes and even dogs there's a 15cm diameter entrance tunnel.

Western Red Cedar Hedgehog Home

I would love these teepee style hedgehog homes positioned in the meadow, the food will be plentiful.

Green oak framed hedgehog home with tunnel entrance points and log walls.

Greencube is now closed for Christmas, we have had a spectacular year.  Thank you to all those that read our blog, to our suppliers and contractors who we have worked with this year to create some spectacular gardens. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Back on the 4th January 2014.

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