Wednesday, 28 May 2014

wildlife friendly gardens

Harriet and I have worked this year on some interesting projects including this one. 

Three small terraced gardens to help promote how we can make a difference and encourage and embrace wildlife. Hopefully gaining interest from developers, large and small to stop installing the 1.8 metre high fences with concrete gravel boards and rectangular indian sandstone paving. Here's what you could do on a postage stamp of 5m x 3.3m garden on a low budget.

The three gardens include:

1. bug hotel
2. shallow dish for birds, hedgehogs and others to drink and bathe
3. nectar rich planting for bees and butterflies
4. tunnelled homes for hedgehog hibernation
5. soft boundaries to allow wildlife to move through easily
6. native hedging
7. decaying wood to encourage beetles and other insects in

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