Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer sunshine, sit back, sip chilled wine and enjoy the meadow.....

Our meadow is doing very well. Harriet and I look out on to it from the greencube studio.  We had lunch out there in the week and ended up doing a plant identification working out all the wild flowers and meadow grasses.

We have wild carrot, corn cockle, corn marigold, ox-eye daisy, meadow buttercup, poppy, yarrow, common bent, crested dogstail, sheeps fescue, smaller cats tail, musk mallow, ladies bedstraw, common sorrel and black knapweed. Far more diverse in species then last year.

It's wonderful to look out onto, but even better to walk through the mown path to the terrace in the centre, where you are encapsulated by meadow flowers. The bees and hover flies seem incredibly happy:>) hovering and collecting their nectar.

We have designed a few meadows this year in our clients gardens and one of our clients in Matfield has a hammock positioned in there meadow with hop poles placed within creating a dynamic sculptural effect. I shall visit this garden again to take some photos once the planting starts knitting together.

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