Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Last push on the landscaping at the Baufritz Home in Speldhurst

We carried out the planting before the stone was laid on this job, caused by a delay from the stone suppliers and our client desperate for some soft landscaping in the spring.

So here's what it was looking like last week when I visited, now that the stone has arrived and the garden is almost finished.

Its been tough for our clients watering in such a dry spring and warm summer, plants need a huge amount of water in their first year especially large shrubs and trees. We cannot emphasise enough
how much to water in year 1 during spring and summer, keep up the good work....

the bullnose granite steps

The herb planter having its capping installed

Raised planters wraps around level changes with Yucca's, ornamental grasses and Echinacea

We have used gabions filled with ragstone to retain a level change to boundary.

Eryngium looking lovely

This is my favourite photo, we have designed this wall that surrounds a terrace,with a  'look though' which is currently the spoil but with a little imagination just visualise a contemporary sculpture to boundary hedge thats uplit at night! 

The roof terrace will be completed in the autumn.

Garden design - greencube greencubed.co.uk
Garden planting - greencube http://greencubed.co.uk/about/about.html
Garden construction - managed by Rob Middleton

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