Sunday, 27 July 2014

three completed greencube gardens visited last week all looking great...

1st Garden In Leigh, Kent

I visited our clients in Leigh, Kent last week and their garden is looking really good. This was completed last year and has been maturing nicely.

We love hydrangeas and use them for mid to late summer flower, here the Hydrangea paniculata 'Vanille Fraise' are looking amazing, they remind me of a mr whippy ice-cream.

Mixed with Heuchera and Pennisetum. 

Now some of our clients think that Hydrangeas are an old fashion plant that they saw in their gran's garden, but here planted in bold swathes interplanted with grass makes for a modern border.

Here we designed vertical green oak timbers interplanted with Miscanthus and Persicaria.

But I feel the most eye catching plant in this garden in July is the Helenium planted in bold swathes down through a bank with oak platforms.

2nd Garden In Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Photos taken by Ben at Creative Landscapes who is now working on the front garden which we hope to plant in the autumn. Here we planted 4 varieties of Hydrangeas mixed with filler plants geranium and erigeron.

This garden is also in its second summer.

3rd Garden In Bidborough, Kent

Here's the rear garden in its second year, although it was an incredibly bright day so not the best light for photography, we are now working with our clients to carry on the theme in the front garden.

Here we have designed a border that wraps around the main terrace and semi encloses the space to make it feel welcoming.

Here we have chosen a deep claret coloured Penstemon to work with the dark grey granite.

We have included benches with lift up storage beneath the seats to store cushions and garden tools.

Gemma our gardener visits regularly to maintain this garden.

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