Wednesday, 31 December 2014

new gardens uploaded onto our website

It seems I've been a little busy and pre-occupied and so over the last 2 days I have banned the Christmas festivities,  put my 'website hat' on and uploaded some of our fab gardens completed in 2014.

Here's a taster:

check our website which is still undergoing some other changes over the next week

three of these gardens are maintained by greencube - our landscape gardener Gemma. Regular garden maintenance is the key to a successful garden looking great all year.

Now I'm off to celebrate the new year, Thankyou to all our hardworking landscapers who realise our designs and to our wonderful clients who keep us busy and challenge our creativity on a regular basis. Its been a wonderful 2014 and I'm very much looking forward to creating some wonderful new gardens in 2015.


  1. The new gardens that you're uploading are great. The cantilevered steps are a really neat approach to that age-old problem of creating natural looking access through a multi-tiered garden. Built into the wall like that, it doesn't jump out as something jarring to the eye. I find more and more people are looking for something fresh like this.

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes

  2. These gardens are truly fantastic, I'm so jealous. I wish my garden looked half as good, I really love the effect of the floating steps built into the wall, it looks amazing. I am also a huge fan of the planters built into the decking, this has given me lots of ideas for my own garden. Thank you so much!

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion