Sunday, 10 July 2016

greencube proudly launches new 2016 responsive website

we have finally uploaded our new, sleek website containing 'responsive website design', a huge thank you to my husband Mike who gave up many weekend hours to help me find the right layout and coding to make it all happen.

responsive website design helps our 'end users' view our website on an iPhone, blackberry, iPad, netbook, kindle, mac, windows pc or tv -  responding to the users behaviour and environment based on the screen size, platform and its orientation. We hope you like it.

we have used a template with flexible grids and layouts to make this happen and embedded our weekly blog to keep it fresh and upto date


there are many new gardens featured on our new website and some exciting projects near to completion that we will upload shortly.

I have chosen the images to illustrate boldness in colour, imaginative material use and our passion that hopefully shines through every project we touch......

here are a few screen shots:

we show our latest projects on our front page

and an upto date portfolio page


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  2. Hey Congrats..!! The website looks great. The portfolio section is amazing.
    All the best. Ian McGregor Pools and Landscaping