Thursday, 13 October 2016

even greencube's mum has garden published

I'm often asked to design gardens for my family including my Mum and Step Dad, my brother and sister in law and my Mother and Father in Law. They receive a bit of greencube magic, some time and commitment from me and a lovely garden to enjoy. They all have embraced their gardens and are making the most of their outdoor space.

Here's my Mum's garden completed last year but looking even better this year. They spend a lot of time pottering in their new garden and its made a difference to their daily life and enjoyment.

Here we have designed an oak seat incorporated within a raised oak planter, full of Nepeta and Salvia's. The seat has been underplanted with Erigeron, Hakonechloa, spilling out and softening the space.

Here we plug any gaps with ground hugging geranium's to reduce weeding. Note the black fences that push all the colours of the plants forward, making them lighter and brighter.

The shed has been given a face lift with a lick of external shades paint, we have also designed some arches that anchor off the shed, framing a view and creating a support for the climbers, the shed has been proudly brought into the garden and doesn't feel shoved in the corner but linked to the decking and proud to be part of the garden!


My Mum saw a Hydrangea that we had planted in another garden called Hydrangea 'Pinky Winky' that she liked and so we included it in her palette of plants.

Keep up with the great gardening.


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