Monday, 17 October 2016

New Garden In Sevenoaks Just Completed

We are very pleased with our new garden in Sevenoaks, here are a few images of the main terrace and feature statement pots on the quartz paddlestone wall.

This garden has only just been planted and will be photographed next spring and summer 2017 when its all knitted together and looking great.

But here's a preview, as we are very pleased with it.....

quartz paddlestones, statement pots, hardwood decking and cladding.

Here we detailed the bench to be clad on one side as well as the top.

we have repeated the materials on the ground plane as well as vertically

we have had the statement pots made by hand by Urbis, they arrived last Friday

the quartz detailing adds warmth, texture and contrasts with the smoothness of the deck and porcelain paving

the planting is new and needs to mature

we have installed led step lights in the steps that lead upto the lawn

framed bench

garden designed by greencube
garden hardscapes constructed by langdale landscapes
garden project monitored by greencube
garden planted by greencube

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