Monday, 1 October 2018

SGD AWARDS 2019 - Career Achievement

We've gone and done it........ I'm incredibly proud and thrilled to bits to be announcing we have been nominated as Finalists for 2 gardens in the SGD awards - Society of Garden Designers Awards.

A career ambition and goal. I constantly strive to create wonderful gardens for our clients, each green space that I work on I aim to  achieve an innovative and unique space and so I'm excited to share this one with you.....


Here's our FINALIST Garden 1 an urban garden in New Barn, Kent

A small modern urban garden in Kent with dominant TPO Beech and Holly trees dominating the space and crowding out the available light.

Influenced by the shade and the clients love of the colour red I have created a simple format, granite plank (hard wearing and easy to clean) paved garden with a simple palette of planting to create a wonderful green oasis.

We have used the colour red inspired by my clients home that includes the accent colour red, connecting the planting and feature focal point fireplace to the interiors.

a huge thank you to our wonderful clients.

designed by greencube
hardscapes by Creative landscapes
planted by greencube
aftercare/maintenance by greencube


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