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Day 8 - Plants move to showground

Oh how I got myself worked up over the lemon today, we eventually got it into place at about 3pm and it still has at least 25 lemons attached, quite a miracle, they are so ripe, I thought the tree would be be bare of fruit.... It's all looking great, the first window is in position and frames the lemon wonderfully. It's always great when the plants arrive, the heat is a problem, but we will cope. The Herb, chilli and tomato wall is slotted into space and the all the pipework and pump is installed for the rills and reflective pool.

Day 7 - Packing up 17 danish trollies

Very hot day today, Adele and Alex met me at the nursery and we packed all the plants onto the danish trollies ready to be delivered tomorrow. Should be an exciting day, just hope our wonderful lemon holds onto its lemons, we are tying them on with stockings for the journey. Thanks to Palmstead for helping us with our deliveries. Should see the strawberry rills and table in tomorrow and windows fixed, all exciting stuff......

Day 6 - Nursery Visits

I chased around for more Crocosmia and Geums today, Wyevale East, Rumwoods, Potted Garden, Bijou etc etc, got a few bits all worth the time and effort, meantime, Brian, Grant and Neil worked on construction. All good team work!

Day 5 - painting the steel

Just painting over the red oxide makes such a difference to the whole look of the garden

Day 5 - Epoxy resin now complete

All the paving now sorted, it looks great, Neil hard at work

stake in the ground!

I'm not beating Sue over the head with the hammer!!! Why has Brian got the hard hat on? Next........ Good photo Neil :>)

Construction Day 4 - Rills in, walls up

Construction Day 4 - lemons

I just hope the lemons stay on during the 50 mile journey to Hampton Court

Day 4 of Construction part ii

The windows of change look amazing, they have been planted up and the strawberries are settling in nicely - 10 days to ripen

Day 4 of Construction

I split my time today between plants and construction. The first thing I noticed this morning were the showy sunflowers looking great, hold onto your petals your a little early!!!! ;>)

Day 3 - Footings for wall and screed for table

All progressing well, we did alot more planning today whilst waiting for our deliveries... tried out the table base and steel, the rill. Adele and Sue mixing the screed, Brian thinking.... and Grant setting levels

Textural Quality - Day 2

I'm really pleased with the paving, we completed all the bridging stones and sealed the final pieces. It looks great. The red oxide will not be on show, just a way of prefabricating the paving, saving us 3 days on construction at the show. The lemon tree will go in the far corner. The reflective pool is almost in position, all dug out and levelled. Tomorrow is boundary wall day!

Day 2 of Construction

All paved trays arrive safely, hiab installation, core deck and sand screed, looks great although not really seated yet, pre-fabricated walls to be installed tomorrow.

Day 1 of Construction

Not a lot happens on day 1, we set out the levels and dug out for the pool all in readiness for tomorrows great crescendo of deliveries........ I'm still suffering with nervous energy, are the strawberries going to be ripe, will the water flow correctly down through the rills, will the tomatoes and chillies look good... will the seats work with our wonderful paving, or wobble. Featuring Brian, Susan, Grant and Alick.

We have peaches on our peach trees

Myself and Brian potted on the peach trees yesterday, they seem very content and are looking peachy.. One of the trees has a huge amount of fruit and will be one of the star players in the garden

Strawberries are doing amazingly well

Considering the strawberries arrived as frozen seedlings from the suppliers only 4 weeks ago they are now putting on some good growth and Pat is doing a grand job looking after them..... There are plenty of flowers and some very small fruits, just need to keep the blackbirds out from the tunnels entrance point...

Our chilli,pepper,tomato and herb wall

It's been over a month since the food wall was planted up and I checked on its progress yesterday, all filling out, flowers on the tomatoes but no sign of chillies or peppers yet.... all the herbs are doing really well and seem to be thriving in their upright position.

Paving almost complete

We did a long day yesterday laying the paving into our steel trays ready for the show, it's looking great and as you can see from the photo looks good from both directions, which is a bonus as the garden is viewed from both sides. If we had constructed this element on site at the show it would have eaten into at least 3 of our precious construction days and so hopefully this will give us a little head start...... Although each tray weighs approx 3/4 of a tonne and so will require some expert manouvering before they are bolted together...

Sunflowers Bursting out of the greenhouse

I grew a load of sunflowers from seed for the show Prado Red and Harlequin. They are all doing well, but I need a bigger greenhouse!!! I'm off to Hadlow for the day to help some more with paving and check out all the plants in the nursery.

Quartz Paddlestones

Paving construction

Adele and Sue hard at work laying the paving in our steel trays, these will be bolted together at the show. I hope it all works out alright, certainly looks a good linear pattern and has loads of texture and colours....I shall buy one chair next week and test it doesn't wobble on our cobbled paving ;>)