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Escape the grey of the UK take a short flight to Morocco and indulge....

As a designer refreshing my mind and exposing my soul to vibrant colours, different cultures, patterns, textures and light helps to inspire and cultivate new ideas for my projects. Exposing the mind to different experiences is a wonderful thing... this is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. and so I packed myself off to Morocco on Boxing day after cooking for 13 wonderful guests on Christmas Eve and my gorgeous family on Christmas Day. Feeling a little worn out, a bit grey, a bit tired out from planting 5 gardens this autumn, a bit bogged down with lots of new design projects lined up and in need of some vitamin D and some inspiration. I also needed to escape the january sales, rubbish tv and too many calorie loaded chocolates. Am I feeling SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), I think so.... It just so happens we are also designing a Moroccan themed garden in Chelsea for a swedish client and so what better time to escape the grey of the UK, the cold and dark nights and v