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Showing posts from July, 2010

Heart and soul

Fantastic Result

Gold Medal and Best In Small Garden 2010

Great result

almost there!

chillies doing well

last of the planting

Day 13 almost there, last push

Alex - check out - I can see more red strawberries

The vine looks great against the window

Water rills were switched on today

I did not capture a photo of the water running but it looked amazing!

Plants are settling down well

Our visitor

It was  good to see Helen today who helped out and gave us all a boost....

Day 12 - strawberry rill in table

Lettuce doing well

Day 12 - This will please Alex and Pat

Our first red strawberry, yip yip ..... on the table rill

Hair and hats are the thing

Neil steals Jims hat!!!!! and Adele sporting new hair accessories..... day lily

Day 12 Sunflowers

Home grown sunflowers appear in the garden, they look great up against the white wall

Keeping cool in the sunshine

Day 10 planting again

It's like a pack of opal fruits, the lemon tree is framed beautifully....

Day 10 - Construction - Cantilevered table

All the team hard at work! Oak is fitted and lightly sanded...

Day 10 - Planting

Planting lettuce, I grew this batch of lettuce in my new greenhouse, it looks great. featuring Adele with her new 'flicky timotei hair cut'!