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See our Modern Meadow in April's Gardens Illustrated

our ‘modern meadow’ garden featured in this months Garden Illustrated Magazine A huge thank you to @gardens-illustrated & @Richardbloom for his amazing photographs the long haul photo shoot from sunrise to sunset capturing magic. Thank you also to Matt Collins for his poetic words captivating the readers attention🌿💚🌱 with added tips on meadow success.  #meadow #rewilding #modernmeadow #gardensillustrated #giveitatry #goldenhourphotography #sowameadow #relaxedgarden #immersivegarden #rewilding #engagingWithNature #decliningwildlife #declininghabitat #conservation We are working hard to encourage lots of our clients to reduce their mowing and grow a meadow.. Over 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s here in the UK. I have used my own garden to elevate the humble meadow. To inspire, to encourage, to give it a go!  Meadows are now the rarest habitat. British wildflowers feed our pollinators.We need pollinators 💚🌿🌱 #oxeyedaisies #yellowrattle #commonspottedorc

Modern Gardens Magazine April 2021

See our Sundridge Garden featured in this months Modern Gardens Magazine  our Sundridge Garden completed last year Key features - Black slate, Ceramic Tiled Rug, Moongate & Corten Steel PINK PALETTE INCLUDES Echinacea, Salvia, Penstemon and Veronica in the featured images