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Showing posts from February, 2011

Working with the landscapers at Chislehurst

The Chislehurst garden is almost complete and ready for us to plant, the landscapers Steve and Matt were installing the cor-ten steel panels within the borders and have only the turf to lay, I'm very excited about this project and cannot wait to plant in a few weeks time. The rusting process is developing nicely.

Garden in Twickenham

A newly constructed garden in Twickenham is almost ready for the website, I'll return in late spring when the grasses are growing and looking a little fuller, the bamboos have taken well in the raised and irrigated planter, we need to set the scene with scatter cushions, garden furniture and some tea lights in the alcoves. Night shots are essential for this tiny courtyard space.

Tunbridge Wells - Organic Stone wall

We are currently working on a large garden in Tunbridge Wells with 4 large terraces that include a meadow and orchard at the bottom, a deck that appears to float off the second terrace and some wonderful organic york stone walls that have been beautifully constructed by the landscapers. We planted 23 fruit trees in the orchard this week, Apples, cookers and eating, Plums, Cherries, Pears and a Quince. Tough work in the heavy wet soil.

So what plants look great against my industrial rusting steel

Vibrant oranges and purples at the opposite end of the colour wheel

Laser cut steel backlit will be pretty cool....

The weathering process on the cor-ten has started to take place and will be looking great by summer, the steel guys have been watering the steel, it goes against the grain slightly, steel fabricators wanting the steel to go rusty!! Here's the house name. I'm looking forward to seeing this in situ.

Cor-ten steel

The steel guys that helped at Hampton Court last year are now doing some more work for Greencube, a very exciting garden in Kent which has elements of rusting cor-ten steel throughout including a rill with a stainless steel inner,  a bonfire basket and bands of sculptural cor ten running through the borders,  They are being delivered on MOnday and I'm really excited!!! Here's photos taken at the fabricators... Tim and the team, you've done a marvellous job!