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greencube loves a challenge

Greencube loves a challenge! Here's what this garden looked like last year... We nearly frightened off the landscapers with our proposals...... When visiting this garden last year, the clients were refurbishing the house and required some help and inspiration to sort out the garden. The garden falls from top to bottom 5.2 metres over a very short distance of just under 30 metres. greencube have designed a practical space, adding veneers of gabions filled with local kent ragstone and green oak sleepers to hold back and mask the bad taste rendered walls, without stripping the whole garden out and making use of three practical levels down to the lower area.  We have turned the steps and created resting platforms, 2 decks for socialising and the children will have a slide to land down on the bottom level onto the astro turf playing area with the option of steps if you are not keen to slide down. We have also incorporated a planted green bank, taking inspiration from Thames Bar

macro photography inspired by nature

Sometimes its good to get away and look at nature close up. Sometimes I take inspiration for our garden designs from nature: the patterns, textures, colours or an abstract shape..... I borrowed my husbands macro lens to take these photos on a trip to New Jersey, looking at what was on offer on a short walk through a meadow near the coast in Cape May. The meadow offered some wonderful diverse flora and fauna and the light was good. I'm not the best at holding the camera steady but managed to get a few almost focused images. Berries, seeds, seed pods, autumn leaves, flowers and monarch butterflies. I plan to visit lots of gardens this spring and summer 2015 and practise my macro photography, I may try the monopod to help with steadying the camera.