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greencube's garden in Langton Green, near Tunbridge Wells features in Dutch Magazine this month

Our large garden in Langton Green  designed back in 2010 features in a Dutch magazine for April - Groei & Bloei , I had to use google translator to work out what they said: dutch "door efficient gebruik te maken van niveauverschillen ontstaan op een klein oppervlak twee terrassen, gescheiden door een prachtige plantenbak, die tevens dienst doet als regleuning van de zitbank." literally translates to: "through efficient use of level differences arising on a small surface two terraces, separated by a beautiful planter, who also serves as backrest of the sofa." my dutch is not too good! Here are some more photos of this garden:

greencube working on a landart project in Hadlow, Kent

We have designed a garden around a very special modern new build in Hadlow. The house is clad in western red cedar and white render, with dark grey windows. This is the second garden for our clients (who keep moving!). We are now working with Chris and Karl (landscapers) on this 1/2 acre plot in Hadlow, Kent. 19 trees were delivered, root ball trees, which we hand picked from the nurseries fields and had delivered. Beautifully manouevered onto the dumper! by Chris and Karl, always with a smile.... and our favourite delivery driver from Palmstead. Varieties chosen: Carpinus betulus fastigiata Betula pendula fastigiata The landscapers have now sculpted a landform around part of the lawn area to the front garden, following the design layout and 3d image we presented, to create a bit of 'land art'. This has been settling for 6 weeks now and we will be pinning meadow turf to the landform by the end of April. PHOTOS TO FOLLOW We also had Jodie work

Greencube working in Chelsfield, Kent

Greencube have designed a wonderful modern design for a new property in Chelsfield which is now being constructed by Langdale Landscapes. This garden has a wonderful Opal Quartz paving that ties in nicely with the grey windows The garden also has a lovely curvy wall with five steel blade water features, looking forward to seeing this one finished.

greencube designs a sunny terrace for the Wildernesse Golf Club

Landscapers have started work this week on a design for a sunny terrace at Wildernesse Golf Club. Greencube have worked with the committee members of Wildernesse Golf Club to create the design.

Planting nearly complete at the granite ball garden

Greencube have been planting up a garden near to completion in Borough Green this week. This garden is all about balls.... we have 16 yellow granite balls ball and sphere shaped plants including Ilex crenata 'Blondie', Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb' and 19 Ilex 'Nellie R Stevens' topiary half standard (lollipop) trees. we have also included Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' with it's ball shaped flowers. We are really looking forward to seeing this mature in the summer months. Just needs some gorgeous outdoor furniture and some sunshine to make the plants grow and flower! We are awaiting the capping for the raised planters and the oak seats to be fitted.

Greencube loves a challenge!!!

We are soooo busy currently with 28 projects at various stages, me and Harriet have had a very demanding but varied week and I'm now glad for the weekend.  I thought it was time to stop, just for a minute and post a few blogs, whilst dinner is cooking!: We have been working closely with Creative Landscapes on this project, greencube have designed a layout for this garden that quite frankly you ought to be a 'billy goat' to get to the top. Sevenoaks gardens are often challenging due to the interesting topography.......  we have cut into hillsides, retained with gabions , have designed block built walls with rendered finishes and now we are completing the almost impossible. Never shy of a challenge, we have taken inspiration from Patrick Blanc's vertical living artwork and also  Thames Barrier Park with the near vertical Lonicera greenwalls. Here we have created a planted bank that will, I know look amazing! Maintenance friendly and a 'living art' installation

meet our new team member 'URB' !

Having had two mini coopers over the last 10 years I decided to trade in my 2008 plate Mini Cooper for a more practical solution following a visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed last summer. Meet greencube's   new team member: 'URB' the MINI CLUBVAN 'URB' has so far transported 64 perennials in one load, 20 beech, 36 Viburnum tinus and 10 Taxus baccata and a whole load of empty pots from each garden planted so far and has already driven 1000 miles. 'URB' had a mini adventure over the easter weekend on the Kent coast, a photo shoot and a little off roading. Our new greencube logo has been been placed 3 times over the new mini clubvan and a big thanks to  fruitymedia for doing the signwriting, a low key, subtle choice. Also a big thank you to Mark at Coopers Sevenoaks  who helped with the purchase.