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September - A bit of time out....

A well deserved rest after a very busy ' greencube ' summer. I took off to Northern Spain for an inspiring  cultural visit to Bilbao followed by a wonderful peaceful rest in a small, spanish village in Galicia (north west spain), up in the hills, overlooking the Atlantic. Known as Green spain. We rented a little rustic cottage and cooked up some spanish cuisine (thanks To Rick Stein's SPAIN), drank spanish wine and enjoyed the sunshine, learning enough spanish to get by and fell in love with a local delicacy of  'pimiento de padron' (olive oil fried baby green peppers) and Viera al horno (baked scallops). These photos were taken on my iphone. Guggenheim at Dusk Frank Geary's - Guggenheim With Anish Kapoor's - sculpture 'Tall tree and the eye' Spider sculpture 'Maman' by Louise Bourgeois, which I have also seen at Tate Modern London An exhibition of David Hockney's 'A Bigger Pict