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greencube loves a 'Cantilever '

Designers and architects are attracted to the cantilever - definition:  a beam or plate constructed and fixed at one end but floating at the other. A simple and strong design element, creating an unfussy modern feel. Greencube have been designing cantilevers over the last 11 years in various forms including steps, tables, seats and benches. Seating - Cantilevered Bench Here we have installed a  floating bench , steel supports are constructed within the block wall and project out to support the deck boards, a return on the seating hides the steel supports. This is a simple format but looks fab and creates a wonderful social space. Garden designed by greencube Garden construction outdoor creation Garden planted by greencube Steps - Cantilevered steps Here we have installed large lumps of black granite, textural contrast to the white rendered wall, the steps take you up to a border, used occasionally. The granite has been been built into the fabricat