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Showing posts from July, 2011

Folkestone Wildlife Friendly Garden

Folkestone Garden completed July 2011, lovely little courtyard space within a new housing development, Garden includes plants selected to attract Birds, bees, butterflies and a lovely storage area within a hatch in the curvy seat, beats having an ugly shed!

Oxted Garden - Great planting Combination

This front garden designed and planted this year is really starting to look great

Tunbridge WElls Garden Almost Complete

I have been working on this garden since January 2010 initially with design and have just completed the planting which was broken down into 4 phases, Orchard back in February 2011, followed by a 3 phase approach from April to June on the many borders. We will return in the Autumn to plant 1000's of bulbs. A big thank you to all my helpers with the planting,  including Alick, Susan, Sue, Ernie and Abbie