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greencube presents our new green slate wall

We've had some physically tough weeks: planting up a new garden for a new house in Seddlescombe, Battle with 2139 trees, shrubs, herbaceous and ornamental grasses along with 2238 bulbs. A big thank you to the team: Harriet, Clayton, Callum and Susan, great effort and delivery and very happy clients! We'll go back next spring and summer, for some photos. We've also been working alongside Oakleigh Manor on a large scheme in Sevenoaks that greencube designed last year. We are currently working hard to get the last few planting elements completed whilst Oakleigh lay the resin bound drive. WE have  included some wonderful espalier fruit trees in the design. This is such a large scheme I have broken the planting up into 4 phases. Sevenoaks Design: Meanwhile, Quest Landscapes have been working on another of our projects in Sevenoaks.  I've been keen to use this product since my introduction to it late last year. This one is green slate and supplied by London Sto

We're out bulb planting!

We were out planting 1200 bulbs yesterday in two gardens, I took the camera along to one of the gardens in Borough Green, designed last year, planted this spring. It has really knitted together and still looking colourful for October. It may be October but the large tree border still looks amazing with our favourite Hydrangea 'Annabelle ' mixed with Agastache and Geranium. The sculptural granite balls are softened by the Libertia grandiflora Whenever we work in this garden we are constantly entertained by BILLY and ALFIE the resident small cats with big characters ! Still looking great are Persicaria and our favourite Pestemon Both erigeron's are doing well in the raised planter Autumnal but still holding onto summer flower.

Greencube courtyard garden to be built in Caterham, Surrey

We have just completed this little courtyard garden design for our client in a new home in Caterham in Surrey. We are just gathering quotes for the construction. A tiny space, this garden is all about the detail with its warm tuscan red chimney breast, seating, layered  granite details and wonderful lush planting with eco decking and pebble mulch. We are very excited about changing this soulless space into an inviting, sociable courtyard. We have played with scale in this small space and placed oversized sculptural pots. So watch out for the finished photo, coming soon..............

Greencube Maintenance

We look after a few of our clients gardens and are looking to expand this area this year as most of our clients are busy people and don't have a lot of spare time to keep their gardens looking great. Here's a few gardens that we designed, planted and maintain

It' s the planting season!

We've been out planting in the last few weeks, phase 1 of a large garden in Sevenoaks, Kent . Designed and planted by greencube , constructed by Oakleigh Manor. We have 6 more gardens to plant. I'll go back in the spring and summer next year to get some photos, but here are a few shots at the end of our hard work, once we had washed down and put all the empty pots in 'URB' our little mini clubvan. Garden features Oken sandstone with some granite details in the terracing. This is the last of the Oken sandstone, which we have detailed in 3 gardens, now not available, the quarry has closed, shame as its like no other sandstone, dense, strong and doesn't soak up the rain like other sandstones. Rock Unique - You'll have to find something else! We are back in the week to plant the bulbs and will start the second phase of planting in a couple of weeks time which includes a shrub/ woodland border and potager with espalier fruit trees. Oakleigh have don