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What's looking good in our garden we maintain in Tunbridge Wells?

This garden in Langton Green is maintained weekly by Harriet at greencube. This garden was designed  and planted by greencube in 2011. Harriet has been out taking some lovely photos recently with her new camera..... Here the Hydrangea prezioza, just taking on its autumn colour, basking in the low morning sunshine. The Chaenomeles have been trained and tied to the retaining wall in espalier style. underplanted with Hemerocallis. The berries on the Pyracantha have been abundant this year. Photos by Harriet Farlam

How many 7 litres Pittosporums can you fit in URB our Mini Clubvan?

and the answer is 30!

Land art and reflective pool in our Hadlow Garden

We were planting in Hadlow last week, adding a little greencube magic...... This is our second garden for our clients who lived in Sevenoaks and now own this very large new build house in Hadlow. A small bungalow which was eventually knocked down replaced with a contemporary family home with white render, grey windows and cedar cladding. We have enjoyed working on this scheme with pared back planting palette in silvers, purples and many ornamental grasses. This will really look stunning in the spring and summer of next year. We have matched the materials with white render, cedar decking and dark grey granite to match the windows. We have also had fun designing a piece of land art, sculpted beautifully by contractors KS Groundworks.  Bringing a fun element and change in level to what is a very flat open space. hiding the parked cars and shed as well as the boundary and neighbour's properties. This is it's new winter look, in summer it will be covered in meado