Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Garden construction in Tunbridge Wells, planting will now wait until Autumn

We are looking forward to planting a garden we designed in Tunbridge Wells, the construction now complete, built by Creative Landscapes, we chose a pale frost resistant brick to tie in with the creamy render of the property, lots of raised beds and two built in seating areas as well as a water blade focal point which bubbles into limestone chippings. A limestone Paving that also compliments the house facade. It looks incredibly sterile at this point but when the lorry load of plants arrive in the autumn it will be transformed.

Whilst landscapers were clearing garden ready for construction they unveiled a well that has been there for hundreds of years, covered only by a thin piece of yorkstone and soil (scary), our clients were as surprised as us! We visited site to take a look, made adjustments to the lawn size and got the bricklayers to build a couple of courses around the well to bring it into and use as a feature, its now downlit and looks great at night. Our steel fabricators have made a safe steel mesh cover.

A great job by all, we look forward to finishing this garden and getting some photos next spring/summer, our clients are very excited about using their new garden.

We have taken advantage of the levels by stepping down 4 times throughout the garden, making interesting zones and using the topography to its best. The garden was sloping down to the boundary fence and ugly wall before. We will plant climbers on the arches and put some tree screening in at the back behind the curved seat.

The plans are supplemented with 3d views and perspectives, helping our clients and the landscapers interpret our ideas.

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