Thursday, 10 October 2013

We're out bulb planting!

We were out planting 1200 bulbs yesterday in two gardens, I took the camera along to one of the gardens in Borough Green, designed last year, planted this spring. It has really knitted together and still looking colourful for October.

It may be October but the large tree border still looks amazing with our favourite Hydrangea
'Annabelle ' mixed with Agastache and Geranium.

The sculptural granite balls are softened by the Libertia grandiflora

Whenever we work in this garden we are constantly entertained by BILLY and ALFIE the resident small cats with big characters !

Still looking great are Persicaria and our favourite Pestemon

Both erigeron's are doing well in the raised planter

Autumnal but still holding onto summer flower.

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