Friday, 2 May 2014

Capturing a moment.....

capturing some special moments in greencube's own garden, our view from the studio window

Here in my own garden the tulips have been in flower for over 4 weeks now, I took my camera out this week to capture the warm low evening sunshine illuminating the tulips in the meadow like jewels.

We have specified 5 meadows this year in our clients gardens and are always at hand to help with the seed selection, suppliers and increasing the biodiversity to incorporate more than just meadow seed. 


The water bowl has frequent visiting birds taking a drink and a wash. This week we have seen a Jay, Wood Pigeons, Black Birds and Blue Tit's using the water bowl right in front of our kitchen doors. The baby Blue Tit's fledged the nest on Wednesday from flat 10 of the sparrow flats.   

The fronds of the Dicksonia antartica captured my attention, new life, new fronds, the magic of nature uncurling. 

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