Tuesday, 15 August 2017

busy busy busy...... california dreamin'

Gemma was maintaining our garden in Mersham at the end of July and I paid a visit. Garden looking very established, I must return to take some night shots. We call this our 'Californian dreaming garden' and our clients are enjoying it now in its second year.

California reference- the named orange colour for our rendered wall and reference to our lovely client who has worked in California.

Who wouldn't want an explosion of orange on a grey day here in the UK to lift your spirit, make you smile, make you feel warm inside and warm up the grey sky especially in winter?

If you are wanting a garden designed by greencube we are now booking into December 2017, we can come and see you, give you a quote and book your work in our busy schedule. We love challenges!

How it looked back in spring:

garden design - greencube
hardscapes - oakleigh manor
planting - greencube
maintenance - greencube


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