Tuesday, 13 February 2018

greencube loves a 'Cantilever '

Designers and architects are attracted to the cantilever - definition: a beam or plate constructed and fixed at one end but floating at the other. A simple and strong design element, creating an unfussy modern feel.

Greencube have been designing cantilevers over the last 11 years in various forms including steps, tables, seats and benches.

Seating - Cantilevered Bench

Here we have installed a floating bench, steel supports are constructed within the block wall and project out to support the deck boards, a return on the seating hides the steel supports. This is a simple format but looks fab and creates a wonderful social space.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden construction outdoor creation
Garden planted by greencube

Steps - Cantilevered steps

Here we have installed large lumps of black granite, textural contrast to the white rendered wall, the steps take you up to a border, used occasionally. The granite has been been built into the fabrication of the block 225mm concrete reinforced wall.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden construction Oakleigh Manor
Garden planted by greencube

Curved Bench - cantilevered

Here we designed a curvy bench, due to the nature of the curved wall we had this templated as soon as the wall was built, installing a seasoned oak bench that is fed onto 7 steel rods, with hidden fixings. There's a 20mm gap from oak to wall to allow movement and breathing space, the floating curvy bench seats up to 9 people. Looks dramatic at night with colour changing LED strip fixed to the underside of the bench.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden constructed by Creative Landscapes
Garden planted by greencube

Oak table - cantilevered

Here we cantilevered a table with a rill of strawberries running through the centre. The steel cantilever supports the table with a hidden framework within the wall. The table is made of seasoned oak.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden construction Hadlow B.A Garden Design Students & 
Brian Hawtin (lecturer)
Garden planted by greencube & students 

Green Oak Sleeper Steps - Cantilevered

Here's a really simple and economical choice, the cantilevered steps have been installed within the underside of the decking, hidden by the vertical decking that frames the steps. The steps have been painted a dark slate grey to match the sliding doors.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden construction langdale landscapes
Garden planted by greencube

Curve oak bench - Cantilevered

Here we have installed another curvy bench, against a ragstone wall, for a Barn in Ide Hill. We have added walkover spot lights for a dramatic night time effect.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden construction ducey landscapes
Garden planted by greencube

Greencube's Own Garden with steps - Cantilevered

Here's my own garden, I had to sneek a few cantilever steps in.....

Here in my vegetable garden I have installed these very low key sleeper steps which have been pinned into the wall, I use them occasionally as a short cut to the top lawn.

Garden designed by greencube
Garden construction Quest Landscapes
Garden planted by greencube
Maintained by greencube

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